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The story of Elite Pool Covers is one of innovation, expansion, and partnership. Founded in 1989, Elite began as a bespoke solution for Western Australian pool owners seeking more than just a cover; they wanted a custom-fit protector for their aquatic havens.
Over the years, Elite has expanded its offerings, catering to both custom jobs and standard bulk orders, ensuring every pool owner could find their perfect match.
In a strategic move to take Elite from a high-quality Western Australian company to a national powerhouse, the Long family joined forces with Elite. Their shared vision led to the establishment of a factory in Brisbane,
expanding operations and bringing Elite's renowned products to more Australians than ever before.
Today, Elite Pool Covers & Rollers stands as a testament to Australian ingenuity, with a commitment to quality that has never wavered. As the company continues to grow and serve pool owners across the nation,
the Elite story remains one of a relentless pursuit of excellence and a promise to deliver the best in pool protection.
With the Long family at the helm, Elite is poised to make waves in the pool industry for years to come.

why do I need a pool cover

Elite Pool Covers

Why do I need a pool cover?

Pool covers are a vital part of looking after your pool.

Prevent evaporation - save on water bills

Save chemicals - yes pool chemicals can be expensive so protecting them with a pool cover makes sense

Dramatically reduce cleaning time - keep debris out of your water

Conserve energy - with the pool cover helping to keep your pool warm, you can reduce energy costs

Extend your swimming season - the pool cover helps to keep the warmth in, keeping it more favourable for swimming for a longer period.