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Elite Pool Covers



Elite Thermal Shield blankets have been designed specifically for heat retention and is ideal when the ambient air temperature drops below the pool water temperature.

Thermal Shield's exclusive Airlon foam core has up to 3 times less water absorption than the other foam blankets on the market.

Elite Thermal Shield Pool Blanket

If you’re looking for the proven best solution for heat retention and water evaporation prevention, look no further than the Elite Thermal Shield. This range of premium quality solar pool blankets offers great insulation while looking great and lasting years. It is best used at night time when the ambient temperature is less than the water temperature.

The Thermal Shield is opaque and has no solar gain. The 5mm Thermal Shield is the most thermal efficient blanket on the market due to its high ‘R’ value and it's exclusive ‘Air Cell’ low water absorbing foam core.

The Ultimate Solar Pool Blanket

Elite’s exclusive Thermal Shield is the only blanket to have an AIRLON: Cross-linked closed cell polyolefin foam core, with its unique tough double water resistant skin on the foam, plus AIRLON’S unsurpassed thick cell walls that greatly reduce the amount of water absorption into the blanket.

This is important as water absorption in other blankets can increase a blanket’s weight by up to 100%, shorten blanket life, and will reduce the blanket’s thermal efficiency. This costs you more over time in labour repairs and heating costs.

Elite Thermal Shield keeping pools warmer

The Elite Thermal Shield range is 45% better at retaining heat and preventing evaporation compared to a standard 3mm thermal pool cover and 115% better than a 2mm foam pool blanket. This truly makes it the market leader when it comes to high performance solar pool covers.

The new exclusive easy clean deep blue outer membranes are made to last from high UV resistant, extra high tensile strength, water/chemical resistant HDPE Synthesis woven membrane. For extra long life most Elite blankets are made reversible (when pool shapes allow).

Please note: We offer various choices to strengthen edges and more, tailored to meet your pool's unique requirements. Request a quote or chat to our friendly sales staff for more information.

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