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Elite Pool Covers



Only $50 per square metre!

Keep leaves, debris and ducks out of your pool, all year-round with DEBRIS DEFENDER

Having a pool requires a significant amount of effort to keep it in pristine condition. Typically, you dedicate around 8-9 months each year to meticulously clean and vacuum your pool, just to relish its refreshing waters for a mere 3-4 months of the year. The Debris Defender is here to help reduce your laborious cleaning time.

Crafted with reinforced seams to ensure a flawless appearance and a rope-reinforced hem for added durability, every pool cover is designed to perfection. Version 1: The Debris Defender cover is designed to be effortlessly managed by a single person. When it is not in use, it conveniently folds away into its storage bag. (Please note, this is not a safety cover.)


  • Keep out leaves, debris, and ducks - reducing phosphates building up in your pool.
  • Prevents accidental access to the pool
  • Stops around 70% of evaporation
  • Blocks sunlight and prevents algae growth
  • Reduces pool maintenance and cleaning time
  • Will reduce chemical consumption by around 50%
  • Can reduce electricity consumption
  • 525 x 565 Denier micron thickness
  • High quality material, made in the USA
  •  8 year pro-rata warranty

Save Chemicals

Version 1:
Experience the ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and healthy pool with the Debris Defender. This innovative product not only ensures that your pool water can breathe freely but also effectively prevents the accumulation of Chlorine. With its exceptional design, the Debris Defender can be conveniently left on your pool for extended periods of time, providing you with peace of mind and a crystal-clear swimming experience. It is important to regularly remove a standard solar blanket from the pool to ensure that chlorine gases can dissipate. Failure to do so may result in the accumulation of chlorine, which can lead to bleaching of the pool lining and damage to not only the pool blanket but also your pool equipment.

Preventing leaves and organic debris from entering your pool can greatly decrease the likelihood of phosphates accumulating in the water, ultimately lessening the necessity of buying phosphate remover.

Save Time on Cleaning

By installing a mesh cover on your pool, you can significantly reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do. Any medium to large pieces of debris, such as leaves and grass that may blow onto your pool, will sit on top of the mesh cover and simply blow right off again. You can keep your pool clean all year round with a Debris Defender pool mesh cover from Elite Pool Covers.

Save Money

By installing a Debris Defender mesh cover, you can save a significant amount of money. Water evaporation means an average pool drains and refills itself 1 and a half times each year. The cost of refilling your pool is not cheap. With a mesh cover, you can lower the amount of evaporation, and save a significant amount of money. Elite Pool Covers proudly offers the best range of pool covers in Perth.

Easy to use

A DEBRIS DEFENDER cover is surprisingly easy to use. Removing the cover is easily done by one person, and takes around 10 minutes for most pools. Once the tension has been taken off the ropes, the whole cover lifts off (with the clips still attached), and there is nothing left protruding on the pool surround. When putting the cover back on, the pins are simply placed back into the holes and the rope tightened and re-locked – no tools required.

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