Super Mesh Pool Covers

Anyone who has a pool will know how much work is involved in maintaining it. In most cases you spend approximately 8-9 months a year cleaning and vacuuming your pool, only to enjoy 3-4 months use.

What’s even more worrying is when you have children or pets, then you’ll need an extra set of eyes in the back of your head to ensure security.

Your Elite Mesh Cover has the strength to support the weight of a child* or pet should the need arise, giving you peace of mind.

Because the Elite Super Mesh  fabric has a smooth surface you will find in most cases what-ever debris lands or blows on to the tight cover will simply blow right off again, or in the worst case scenario, can be easily swept off.

The thick mesh also means that water evaporation and chemical usage is greatly reduced, saving you time and money.

The Super Mesh fabric is only available on Elite covers, please ask for a FREE sample and you compare the strength and Quality of the Elite Super Mesh.

Hear from our Clients

Thanks again for your speedy replies and great service.  It’s been a pleasure dealing with a company that cares.  Cheers.

Regards, Bill

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By far the best Mesh Security/ Debris cover on the market.

The cover system is virtually invisible when removed, only leaving a hole the diameter of a pencil in the pool surround – that means no stubbed toes or unsightly fasteners!


Save a life –The Elite Super mesh cover  has the strength to support the weight of a small child or pet in an emergency when installed correctly.

Mesh cover design with strenght to support weight


  • A clean pool all year round
  • What blows on just blows off – just cover and forget
An infograph of a swimming pool with a mesh cover with leaves blowing over the pool but not reaching water


  • Helps stop evaporation. Saves chemicals too! (Up to 50%)
  • Saves precious water – (Up to 10,000 L/month)
Infograph about stopping swimming pool evaporation with a mesh cover

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Protect Your Pool From Debris