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Elite Pool Covers




The Elite Pool Protector Pool Cover System is ideally suited for all pools up to 56m2 in size. Pool Protector is manufactured from strong, long life UV resistant vinyl that comes in a wide range of colours with a 10 year pro-rata warranty. The Elite Pool Protector is manually operated and easy to remove.

Can take up to 60kgs of weight, should a child or pet find their way into the pool area.

A great option to ensure your children's safety.

A Full, Clean and Comfortable Pool

There are multiple reasons to invest in a quality swimming pool cover. By preventing sunlight from hitting the pool, your pool cover will help to reduce the rate of evaporation. Pool blankets are effective in this regard. A pool cover will stop contaminants from getting into the water, keeping your pool cleaner for longer. Pool blankets also help to insulate your pool, keeping it cool on hot days and warm on cooler days.

    Save Chemicals

    The Pool Protector allows the pool water to breathe, preventing a Chlorine build up in your pool and can be left on the pool for extended periods of time.  A normal solar blanket needs to be taken off the pool at regular intervals to allow the chlorine gases to escape. If this is not Chlorine will build up and can bleach the lining of your pool and destroy the blanket.

    By preventing the leaves and organic matter from entering your pool, you will significantly reduce the chance of phosphates building up in your pool water, thus reducing the need to purchase phosphate remover.

    Save Time on Cleaning

    By installing a Pool Protector cover on your pool, you can significantly reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do. Any medium to large pieces of debris, such as leaves and grass that may blow onto your pool, will sit on top of the mesh cover and simply blow right off again. You can keep your pool clean all year round with a pool protector cover from Elite Pool Covers.

    Save Money

    By installing a pool protector cover, you can save a significant amount of money. Water evaporation means an average pool drains and refills itself 1 and a half times each year. The cost of refilling your pool is not cheap. With a mesh cover, you can lower the amount of evaporation, and save a significant amount of money. Elite Pool Covers proudly offers the best range of pool covers in Perth.

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