Bench Seat Systems to Store Swimming Pool Covers in Australia

Store your Elite solar pool blanket using our unique pool cover roller seat system. This bench seat system by Elite Pool Covers offers an elegant solution to storing your swimming pool covers and rollers, while at the same time, providing additional functionality to your pool area. You’ll have a great place to sit, lie and place your towel while taking a dip in your warm pool, all while ensuring your solar pool cover is conveniently packed out of the way.

Easy to Use

 The easy-to-wind wheeled handle makes winding your pool blanket into the bench seat system a breeze. If winding up your pool cover by hand is too inconvenient, we also offer some of the finest automatic pool covers in Australia, which are motorised and controlled by a remote control. To recover your swimming pool, simply pull out the pool solar blanket with the unique detachable pull cord system.

Premium Quality

The Elite Poolside Seat and Roller Combo incorporate Elite’s top-of-the-range platinum roller system within the engineered, CAD-designed seating structure. The bench itself can be customised so that it is clad to suit the decor of your pool and pool area.

As with all products by Elite Pool Covers, our bench seat pool cover systems are made in Australia, purpose-built for Australia’s harsh weather conditions. We use the best marine-grade anodised aluminium, stainless steel and HDPE for longevity.

We can install the bench seat system as an upgrade to your existing pool cover systems, or as part of a complete custom solution. You can also choose to install it yourself or have our experts come and do it for you.

Get in Touch Today for a Bench Seat Pool Cover System

If you’re ready to find out more about getting a bench seat system for your swimming pool cover at home, get in touch with the team at Elite Pool Covers. We have a huge range of premium-quality pool covers, including automatic pool covers, to add style and functionality to your home.

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Pool cover roller with sunglasses, phone, keys and a cap on top it

Convenient Storage For Pool Blankets