Pool Bench Seats

Elite Pool Blanket Storage Seats

Store your Elite solar blanket in this neat roller seat system. Plus have a great place to sit, lie and place your towel while taking a dip in your warm pool.

Easy to Use

The easy wind wheel / handle makes winding your pool blanket into the Seat / Roller Combo a breeze. Remote control motorized option is available.

To recover your pool simply pull out the solar blanket with Elites exclusive detachable “Pull cord system”.

Premium Quality

The Elite Poolside Seat & Roller Combo incorporates Elite’s top of the range Platinum roller system within the engineered, CAD designed seating structure.

As with all Elite’s products, our Seat/ Roller combo is made in Australia for Australia’s harsh conditions from the best marine grade anodised aluminium, stainless steel and HDPE for longevity.

Upgrades to existing rollers available. DIY installation or we can install for you.

Pool cover roller with sunglasses, phone, keys and a cap on top it

Convenient Storage For Pool Blankets