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Solar Pool Blankets

*Price is per sqm - Order your pool measurements to the nearest 0.1m - Elite Pool Covers will supply at least 200mm longer in the width and 200mm longer in length to allow for shrinkage.

Please note: When ordering a pool blanket and not a roller, you will need a fitting kit to attach your new blanket to your existing roller. Elite strongly recommend purchasing a new reflective overcover to protect your investment.

The Coral Bay solar pool cover is a fantastic solution to prevent up to 99.84% of water evaporation. Although it may not heat as efficiently as the Premium Blue cover, it still effectively warms the water. Moreover, this resilient cover offers all the advantages of a traditional solar cover.
Elite's solar pool covers are still the go-to option for pool owners due to their exceptional insulation capabilities. These covers efficiently trap and retain heat, preventing it from escaping and even elevating the pool's temperature. With Elite's solar pool covers, you can enjoy increased warmth and prolong your swimming season.

Thanks to Elite's cutting-edge design, our solar pool blankets can effectively reduce evaporation in your pool by an impressive 99%!

Elite Pool Covers

Prestige - Coral Bay - 12 Year Pro Rata Warranty

Prestige - Coral Bay - 12 Year Pro Rata Warranty

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