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New Triple Cell Solar Pool Blanket Available in Australia

*Price is per sqm - Order your pool measurements to the nearest 0.1m - Elite Pool Covers will supply at least 200mm longer in the width and 200mm longer in length.

Please note: When ordering a pool blanket and not a roller, you will need a fitting kit to attach your new blanket to your existing roller

Although there are a number of pool solar blanket models on the market, the solar pool blanket from Elite Pool Covers, with triple cell technology, is the most efficient pool blanket Perth has to offer. Over two decades, the Elite Triple Cell cover has evolved into the superior product that we offer today. This is thanks to the research and development team at Elite, where we work tirelessly to create the highest quality products in Australia.

How Does Triple Cell Technology Work

Triple Cell technology is equivalent to three standard round bubbles, which are commonly used on pool solar blankets. This results in more contact with the water, which in turn heats and insulates your pool in a more effective manner. With standard bubble solar pool blanket models, performance is reduced due to ‘dead zones’, which do not make contact with the water. This is avoided with Elite’s Triple Cell technology.

Insulate Your Pool and Reduce Evaporation

On average, an Australian pool drains itself and is filled up 1 and a half times each year, which equates to roughly 90,000 litres of water wastage. By reducing the rate of evaporation, we can significantly reduce unsustainable water wastage. Aussie pool covers need to be highly durable to withstand harsh conditions. Our Triple Cell technology has been tested in the hottest parts of the country and shown to significantly reduce evaporation levels.

Triple Cell Brochure

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Essentials - Argyle Solar Pool Cover - 5 Year Pro Rata Warranty

Essentials - Argyle Solar Pool Cover - 5 Year Pro Rata Warranty

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