Example of Roller Burn on a solar pool cover

What is Roller Burn?

Roller Burn due to the pool cover being rolled up on the roller without the over cover being used to protect the pool cover.

When the sun passes down through the layers, it increases in temperature from layer to layer…superheating the pool cover. The compounding heating effect will always happen in the same location at the top of the pool cover roll (due to the pool cover always being wound up the same way).

Example of severe roller burn on a pool cover Roller burn evident on a solar pool blanket

It can be challenging to detect Roller Burn during its early stages, but there are several telltale signs that you can be vigilant for.

1. Pool covers can shrink up to 2% of their length due to how they are manufactured, however they cannot shrink in their width naturally. If the pool cover has shrunk width wise, it is usually the first indication of it being stored on the roller without the over cover in place. The pool cover will usually shrink at the corners first, then in the width as the Roller Burn becomes more apparent.

2. Roller burn lines are easily identified as the Roller Burn has ‘shrunk’ the pool cover material in melted/damaged lines across the pool cover - in line with the top revolutions of the roller. These lines are approximately every 600mm and they start from about the second layer of pool cover down from the top of the roll. Depending on how long the damage has been occurring and how long the pool cover is, it can be evident all the way to the opposite end.

The pool cover will still operate normally regardless of the lines and shrinkage; the only adverse effect will be the reduction in the lifespan of the pool cover.

Normally where the overheating of the roller burn has occurred, the life of the pool cover decreases significantly.

This is not a warranty issue.

Pool Cover suffering Roller Burn
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