Elite Pool Covers Answer Your Questions

Can I install the cover myself?

Absolutely. Our covers are easy to install yourself. We also have an easy to follow video on our website that will help you through the process. If you are still not confident, please speak to one of our friendly team about having it installed by our professional installers.

Which way does the cover sit?

The bubbles, or triple cell, need to face down into the water in order to effectively warm your pool and prevent evaporation.

What is a micron and what is the difference?

A micron is a measurement of the thickness of the cover.The higher the micron, the higher the quality and the longer it will last. Cheaper blankets will use plastic with less microns, poor quality UV and chemical additives with old “post pac” technology.These cheap blankets will not stand the test of time. With pool covers, you really get what you pay for!

Do all covers heat and insulate the same?

No. The greater the “still air” zone and the larger the bubble size, the more effective your cover will be at heating and insulating your pool. For instance, the Triple Cell has far greater heating and insulating properties because each cell is in effect, 3 bubbles. Plus, darker coloured blankets are proven to heat better than light colour blankets.

Where are you located?

Our head office and main factory is based in Perth, Western Australia. We also manufacture on the east coast of Australia. Our products are sold factory direct, retail and trade customers around Australia and internationally.

Do I need a roller?

Initially, it might be a way for you to save money, however in the long run, it will help you to protect your cover from tears and scratches, and not to mention, making it easier to pull it on and off your pool.

Will my blanket shrink?

Yes, your blanket will shrink over its life span approximately 1 to 2%. We recommend you cut the blanket approximately 60 to 75 mm larger all the way around with a pair of sharp sissors .

What does the warranty cover?

Our warranty covers defects in workmanship or material. Please see our warranty page for more information. Elite is proud to have the longest and best blanket and roller warranty in Australia.

What does pro-rated warranty mean?

Elite’s pro-rated warranty means that the better you look after your cover, the cheaper your replacement will be in the future.

How is the cover delivered?

Our covers can be delivered by our company courier within Metro areas, across Australia or around the world.

I have a odd shaped pool, what shape does the cover come in?

We produce the cover in a rectangular shape, and either an installer or yourself can cut the cover to the shape of your pool.

How warm will my pool get?

Our covers can increase the warmth of your pool by up to 10 degrees, meaning that you will be able to swim comfortably in your pool for a lot longer each year. Otherwise, you will spend more time cleaning it than enjoying it!

How much will it stop the water evaporation?

Our blankets will stop almost 100% of the water evaporation while the blanket is on the pool, which means that you are saving 10’s of thousands of litres of water each year, as well the cost of chemicals. Blankets save you money.

Are the products Australian made?

Yes, Elite products are manufactured right here in Australia and made to withstand our harsh summer climate. We only use quality materials that are made to last, and will never use plastic components in our rollers.

What’s a fitting kit?

A fitting kit is the cords and clamps that attach the blanket to the roller and for pulling the blanket onto the pool. Elite is the only company that provides a method to pull your blanket back onto your pool with Elite’s exclusive pull cord system. An Elite fitting kit come with all new Elite rollers.

When do I use my protective overcover?

We supply an over cover with all of our rollers which, we recommend you place over the blanket , while it is on the roller, to protect the blanket from sunblistering and prolong the life of your cover. A protective over cover is a sun hat for your pool blanket, keeping the sun off your blanket when the blanket is wound onto the roller. An Elite over cover comes with all new Elite rollers.

I live in a windy area, will the cover stay on the pool?

If you live in a windy area, we recommend that you trim the blanket to the water line on the predominant wind direction. “Wind Edging” can be applied to your cover if you have a major wind issue. This is a weighted mesh that is sewn on one or multiple edges of the blanket that will help to secure your cover in the water.

Can I run the pump with the cover on?

Yes, to circulate the heated water under your blanket it is recommended to run your pump in the hottest part of the day, i.e. 10am till 3pm. Point the return jets down away from the surface to prevent the chlorine from burning the base of the blanket.