Triple Cell® Solar Pool Blanket

New Triple Cell Solar Pool Blanket Available in Perth

Although there are a number of pool solar blanket models on the market, the solar pool blanket from Elite Pool Covers, with triple cell technology, is the most efficient pool blanket Perth has to offer. Over two decades, the Elite Triple Cell cover has evolved into the superior product that we offer today. This is thanks to the research and development team at Elite, where we work tirelessly to create the highest quality products in Australia.

A close-up of the two sizing and colour options for a triple cell solar pool blanket
Elite Triple Cell Infograph

How Does Triple Cell Technology Work

Triple Cell technology is equivalent to three standard round bubbles, which are commonly used on pool solar blanket models. This results in more contact with the water, which in turn heats and insulates your pool in a more effective manner. With standard bubble solar pool blanket models, performance is reduced due to ‘dead zones’, which do not make contact with the water. This is avoided with Elite’s Triple Cell technology.

Insulate Your Pool and Reduce Evaporation

On average, an Australian pool drains itself and is filled up 1 and a half times each year, which equates to roughly 90,000 litres of water wastage. By reducing the rate of evaporation, we can significantly reduce the unsustainable water wastage. Aussie pool covers need to be highly durable to withstand the harsh conditions. Our Triple Cell technology has been tested in the hottest parts of the country and shown to significantly reduce evaporation levels.

Hideaway System

A device that couples perfectly with the Triple Cell solar pool blanket is the hideaway system. This allows you to neatly put away the pool blanket when you are not using it and store it in a ground-level compartment that looks sleek, while also maximising functionality.

Trusted Aussie Pool Covers

With years of experience in manufacturing the best models of pool blanket in Perth, Elite Pool Covers is the number one team to go to for all your pool cover needs. We offer exceptional warranty deals and high quality products at affordable prices.

To find out more, contact our expert team today.

Hear from our Clients

Just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the assistance (phone), service (measure and installation) and price I received finally getting a pool cover for my pool in Duncraig.

Regards Sue

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Don’t buy old technology!

Insist on the Ultra New Elite Triple Cell® Solar Pool Blanket

New Elite Triple Cell® Solar Pool Blanket

SPASA awards of excellence 2016

Elite Triple Cell® World Leading Technology

  • Performance – large purpose designed solar cells provide greater heat generation and insulation
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia, proven in the world’s harshest conditions
  • Easier to operate, easier to wind, easier on the eye
  • 610 Micron*

The Ultra New Triple Cell® Solar Pool Blanket Makes Others Obsolete

Elite Triple Cell® has evolved over a ‘25 year’ span and it has now become a reality… thanks to Elite’s vision and foresight in the continuous development and delivery of the world’s best performing pool cover available today.

  • Elite Triple Cell® is the first purposed designed and manufactured pool blanket… It breaks away from the traditional ‘bubble wrap’ style and its problems. Elite Triple Cell® is a world’s first’ and it’s only available from Elite!
  • The Elite Triple Cell® is a solar cell that acts as a collector of energy. This energy is transformed to heat the water better.
  • Elite Triple Cell® provides better all-round insulating performance due to its greater still “air zone”. Its unique cell design also offers more protection from chlorine attack and harmful UV rays.
  • Elite Triple Cell® is thicker… UP TO 60% thicker ON THE BASE The manufacturing process of Triple Cell® ensures a more uniform thickness at the side, top and base of the cell… Unlike bubble, where the thickness can be inconsistent with less life expectancy. Elite Triple Cell® will have a long happy life.
  • Elite Triple Cell® lays flatter on the pool surface and rolls up easier over header courses plus automatic cleaners work better.
  • Elite Saltsafe® & Chlorsafe® technology is incorporated in the ultra-new Elite Triple Cell® Solar Thermal Pool Blanket. A Longer Life & Better Performance

* For further measurement information, please contact Elite Pool Covers.

How much warmer will my pool get with an Elite Pool Blanket?

A graph of average pool temperatures by each Australian state