How to Use Semi-Automatic Pool Covers in Australia

Using a Remote-Controlled Pool Cover to Save Energy

Semi-Automatic Pool Covers by Elite Pool Covers offer you a remote-controlled system for your Elite Super Bubble or Thermal Shield Blanket. These swimming pool covers in Australia can be designed to suit pools of almost any shape and size.


Removing the solar pool blanket

It’s a simple matter to remove the solar pool blanket from the swimming pool. Just click the remote, and the pool cover roller will automatically roll the pool cover off. Like all automatic pool covers, the pool cover will bring itself to a stop when the pool cover roller reaches the end.


Covering the swimming pool

When it’s time to put the solar pool blanket away, simply click the remote and use the Elite ‘pull cord’ to help guide the pool blanket out onto the pool.  The pool cover roller will automatically stop when the pool is completely covered.  It couldn’t be easier!


Mounting the pool cover roller

The Elite Auto Roller can be mounted on a wall or set into the Elite Hideaway, which is neatly hidden below the ground out of sight.  The Elite Auto Roller can be also hidden behind a water feature and made to come out of an ‘envelope slot’, for that extra wow factor and aesthetic value.

Stationary Auto Pool Cover Roller on outdoor pool in the backyard
heavy Duty Auto pool cover roller in the backyard with deck chairs
Hear from our Clients

Just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the assistance (phone), service (measure and installation) and price I received finally getting a pool cover for my pool in Duncraig.

Regards Sue

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What Sets Elite’s Semi-Automatic Pool Covers Apart?

Swimming pool covers by Elite Pool Covers have the benefits that they:

  • Fit most pool shapes
  • Are fully mobile, so they can be wheeled out of sight
  • Are low voltage, for your safety
  • Are a totally enclosed motor system, so they look nice and neat
  • Have an all-aluminium and -stainless steel construction, so they are a great investment, and are built to last
  • Have a remote-controlled option
  • Are great for retirement villages
  • Can be used on hydrotherapy pools

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A hand holding an orange system key to a semi-automatic swimming pool cover roller system